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Psychological recovery and rehabilitation are now possible due to the pluridisciplinary approach offered by an exceptional medical structure, which comprises the departments of psychiatry, neurology, medical and cardiology rehabilitation, and complex services of psychology, psychotherapy, logopedics, counselling, ergotherapy, physiotherapy, kinetotherapy, applied under the supervision of qualified and attentive medical staff. Beside the symptomatology remission, we wish to obtain the rehabilitation of individual abilities existent before the start of the disease, and thus to give back the patient to his family and to the society.


Healthcare Services in the Department of Psychiatry for Chronic Conditions - continuous treatment for a short period

Treatment of uni and bipolar affective disorder
Treatment of neurotic disorder correlated with stress and sleep disorders
Treatment of eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia), sleep and sexual disorders
Treatment of Alzheimer's dementia and other forms of dementia
Treatment of chronic alcoholism and its complications
Treatment and monitoring of personality and behaviour disorders
Treatment of psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, persistent delusional disorder)
Treatment of mental, personality and behavioural disorders caused by organic brain diseases

Actele necesare pentru a beneficia de serviciile medicale decontate de CAS

  • act de identitate
  • trimitere de la medicul de familie/medic specialist
  • card de sanatate

0264 933


Healthcare Services for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The team of specialized physicians in cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, medical rehabilitation, palliative care, modern medical equipment and high standard services contribute to the fulfilment of Polaris Medical objective: a complete and successful physical and mental rehabilitation.

The treatment aims both the body and the mind of patients, and their psychological comfort and implication in pleasant and relaxing activities are essential for their rehabilitation.

In order to reach the desired rehabilitation, the patients benefit from complete and multidisciplinary medical services, of a modern and well equipped treatment base, of related services like the assessment and psychological counselling, logopedics, anti-smoking counselling, ergotherapy.

   * Related healthcare services are available from Monday to Friday
 *** The treatment base is opened from Monday to Saturday

Alte servicii medicale in sectia de psihiatrie:

Plata in rate

Cu cardul de cumparaturi Star BT, beneficiati de 3 rate fixe, fara dobanda si de puncte de loialitate pentru plata serviciilor medicale in cadrul Spitalului de Recuperare Polaris Medical.

Puteti opta pentru una din cele doua variante:

  • 2% puncte de loialitate

    Valoarea fiecarui punct de loialitate este de 1 leu. Pentru fiecare plata efectuata la Polaris Medical, veti primi 2% din valoarea platii in puncte Star Bt, pe care le puteti folosi ulterior la alte plati sau cumparaturi.

  • 3 rate fara dobanda

    Puteti opta pentru plata in 3 rate fixe, fara dobanda, daca sunteti posesorul unui card de cuparaturi Star BT.

Medical Team

Mihai CasuSef sectie Psihiatrie

Primary physician in psychiatry

Horatiu Salvan

Primary physician in psychiatry

David Solomonean

Specialist physician in psychiatry

Erika Iulia Morar

Specialist physician in psychiatry

Simona Persa Asistent sef Psihiatrie

Asistent medical principal


Asistent medical principal

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